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Please note - registration begins on February 17th at Gordon Head Rec for our Spring "Triangle" Semester! 

(Oak Bay reg. has been opened since Dec).


Click here and you can sing along with Bobbi, Emma, Susannah and Jennifer!

WINTER BELLS SONG COLLECTION - our January schedule is now posted!  Another beautiful brand new songbook!

COVID-19 updates
Please review the following information regarding masks in our classrooms:
Given Dr.Bonnie Henry’s statements of October 26/27, 2020 regarding the expectation that masks be worn in public places, Music Together Victoria and our Rec Centre Partners are now implementing the following recommendations to all adult participants.
Masks are highly recommended and expected in common spaces such as lobbies, hallways, stairs, washrooms and change rooms.
What does this mean for our Music Together® classes?
Masking is recommended for entering, leaving and moving around inside the building. Please arrive masked until you are seated in your spot in the classroom; as this is a recommendation and not an order, mask-wearing is not mandatory during class at this point, but adults who wish to wear one are encouraged to do so. Our classes are small, well ventilated and distanced - every additional precaution can be seen as another layer of protection, to make sure we can meet safely each week well into the winter months!
We will continue to carry out the health check verbal questionnaire before each class– we appreciate your patience.
Music Together Bongos for Fall!

We're back making music together with you in the fresh air and with social distancing! 

Now what?

First off......did you know that singing together is an immune-booster?  At home, on the beach, out for a drive or a walk...making music every day with those you love is important for so many reasons, now more than ever.  

As things are changing in our world day-to-day, please check this space often - we will post any information as we receive it.  Please check below regarding our Health and Sanitation protocols, in place for many years and as relevant today as always.  We will be additionally following ALL Provincial Health Protocols specific to Covid-19 as they evolve.


Keeping our classrooms as healthy as possible has always been our priority - and now more than ever we want to create safe spaces for your families to enjoy making Music Together.  To that end, our classes are capped at eight registered children.

While we will have outdoor classes most of the time for our Fall Bongos semester, when the weather is inclement we will meet in large very well-spaced rooms with plenty of fresh air.  We recommend dressing for the weather each week.

Since 2005 Music Together Victoria has been using Benefect Botanical Disinfectant  (and now Benefect Decon-30) on every instrument, after each use.  Please find more information about this non-toxic powerhouse bacteriacide and virucide HERE.   We will be adding more stringent protocols as directed by the BC Ministry of Health as necessary.

While in our current Covid-19 situation, each family will have a freshly cleaned set of instruments for each and every class (no sharing and no re-use within a same day period).  

All families will be required to wash/sanitize  hands before class, and it is recommended that hands are cleaned directly after class as well; Indoor spaces will be cleaned thoroughly each morning and we will be sanitizing high touch surfaces throughout class. 

If you are your child are ill, please stay home and get well -

There will be class videos available by request each week so you won't miss out!




Can be found here!

Registration is up and running, check back for more Maracas Collection news soon!

Families making Music Together!

RHYTHM KIDS I for 4's and 5's!

Is your 4 or 5 year old looking for a new way to play with music?  Introducing Rhythm Kids I by Music Together - bring your “big kid” and join the fun at Windsor Pavillion!  We'll sing, dance and play...and there will be DJEMBES!

Registration is through Recreation Oak Bay

(this is a parent/caregiver participation activity)

Our regular 10 week "Tiger"  semester begins the first week of January- classes are scheduled for either Tuesdays at 5 pm or Fridays at 1 pm. Bring your “big kid” and join the fun!

UPDATES: Fall "Flute" Semester

There are still spaces at  Esquimalt Rec with the wonderful Sonja Yli-Kahila!  Tuesdays at 9:30 and 10:30; Fridays at 9:30.

We are on TV!

Check out some of our Music Together Victoria families and friends in this Shaw Spotlight Mini-Documentary!  We are so pleased to share it with you!


We're happy to assist!  You can reach Jennifer by e-mail here!


We do our best to keep germs at bay in our classes by being diligent about cleanliness.  We also provide makeup classes so families with sick kids don't  feel they are missing out by staying home  - for more details, here's what WE do, and how YOU can help!  Health and Wellness

Questions?  there are MANY answers on our F.A.Q. page, or contact us at musictogethervictoria@shaw.ca!